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Apr 1, 2021

In this episode, we are going to learn what our most successful business clients are (or should be) considering now to solidify their successful transition — or to recover — from the challenges of the pandemic recession. We'll provide you the Key Strategy Questions that will unlock the insights to 'getting it right' in this ever-changing and increasingly complex business environment.



Winners take the Inside Track. Here's the Intel you need to join them...
The Business Trend Report for 2021

Profit From the Inside: Straight Talk on Business and Profits With Insiders in the Know


About Joel Block:

Joel’s a futurist and longtime venture capitalist/hedge fund manager (gobbledygook for professional
investor) who lives in a Shark Tank world like on TV. Since selling his publishing company to a Fortune
500 company, Joel’s cage-rattling keynotes expose Wall Street insights and the inside track on high-
velocity innovation, empowering business executives and their teams to “Disrupt Their Competitors’
Savvy industry leaders come to Joel for the high-impact advisory services that drive our disruption-
resistant success strategies. His unique approach to innovative business model development helps
structure, implement, and enable sustained results.


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