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Oct 15, 2020

We dive into the shifting role of the director during times of crisis. Specifically, we will focus on how to redraw the governance lines without getting into the weeds and throwing off the CEO. And we'll touch on how quickly things are moving compared to pre-recession and how you can keep up.

  1. The role of the Chair in teeing up critical conversations

  2. The three questions the board should ask the CEO

  3. How frequency and depth of needed information is changing

  4. Plan to conduct an after-recession review to improve board function in the long run

  5. The Three D's of Governing in a Crisis for Directors

  6. Why a Director can delegate authority but can never delegate responsibility


About Kevin Smith:

Kevin Smith is a Consultant and Publisher with TEAM Resources. He brings extensive experience in training, designing, and implementing professional development resources to nourish the growth of leaders within the credit union industry. Kevin facilitates strategic planning processes, teaches Strategic Governance to Boards of Directors, and oversees the TEAM Resources board self-evaluation programs with credit unions nationwide.

Kevin is co-author of A Credit Union Guide to Strategic Governance. This essential book helps Governance teams become as effective as possible. He also writes the monthly TEAM Resources blog that is read by thousands nationally. The monthly blog shares guidance on board topics such as governance, strategy, and issues related to the supervisory committee.

Previously, Kevin spent 10 years at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), in the Center for Professional Development as Director of Volunteer Education. In that role, Kevin developed and oversaw programs for credit union executives, boards, and volunteers. This included conferences and training events, webinars, print programs, and online courses, among others. During his tenure at CUNA, he created and brought several new programs to the credit union movement. One of these is the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program, an intensive, competency-based program for boards and supervisory committees, offered as a five-day onsite event or as a self-study program, both involving rigorous testing for completion. He also created the CUNA Training On Demand series of downloadable training courses, and the CUNA Pressing Economic Issues series featuring the CUNA economists.

Behind the scenes, Kevin was involved with a team of CUNA leaders focused on creating a culture of innovation within the trade association, and working toward keeping the organization forward-thinking, to create new and better programs for its membership. This included participation in an IDEO design program.

Before joining CUNA, Kevin spent several years teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

He holds a Master’s degree from DePaul University, Chicago, and a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University, Oxford, OH.

Contact information: 608-217-0556




The TEAM Resources Guide to Strategic Governance:

Governance as Leadership:

10 Critical Elements of a Board’s Role in Crisis Management



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