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Feb 4, 2021

Every recession has it's own signature challenges. And in every recession, some business and, some banks, come out even stronger than they went in. Others recover more quickly. The difference, often, is the mindset of the people responsible for growth and development. And in a community financial institution, that is everyone in the lending and credit department.

In this episode, we will focus on a strategy that works for you in reaching out to your clients and prospects and growing your loan portfolio, even in THIS recession. You may know of prospects who were so happy with their financial institution you thought you would never have a chance? Well, now you do.



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About Meridith Elliott Powell:

Meridith Elliott Powell is a former banking executive who earned her way into the C-Suite. She has done it all from cashing the checks to making the loans to writing the corporate strategy. Her current focus is on helping business and banking professionals stop viewing uncertainty as something that prevents them from being successful.

She is the author of four books, including Winning In The Trust & Value Economy and her latest “Own It: Redefining Responsibility – Stories of Power, Freedom & Purpose. A Certified Speaking Professional, she speaks for banking associations and works directly with banks and credit unions.


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