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Oct 22, 2020

Valuation and appraisals are a critical element in understanding your risk in CRE, either when making the loan or reviewing one already on your books.

We'll cover

  1. Who to use for appraisals

  2. How we define an unstabilized property and how to factor it in

  3. How to spot a disconnect in your final result

  4. Specific questions to ask a local broker

  5. When broker opinion of value may be more relevant than the updated valuation from an appraiser

  6. What about the borrower's opinion of value

  7. The most important question to ask and answer


Gina Marotta Loan Review Worksheet
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About Gina Marotta:

Ms. Marotta is a subject matter expert in mortgage finance, property ownership, and due diligence involving performing and non-performing commercial real estate loans and properties. In addition to structured finance transactions, she works with credit unions on the underwriting analysis of new loan participations and the completion of annual loan reviews, global cash flow analysis, and credit risk rating of commercial real estate loans.
Since 1995 she has held a variety of roles in pooled mortgage transactions that include the re-underwriting of some $70 billion in legacy CMBS loans under the US Treasury’s PPIP program; managing the securitization process of commercial real estate loans; and loan re-underwriting and due diligence on behalf of high-yield investors purchasing commercial real estate loans and assets. Between 2009 and 2012, Ms. Marotta worked with a major private equity firm in building a distressed debt platform to invest in small balance mortgage loans of failed community banks throughout the U.S.
Ms. Marotta has held various senior consultant roles in Latin America since 2004 that include: social interest housing securitization transactions, enterprise risk assessments of social interest housing mortgage companies, distressed small-balance mortgage loans, and operational assessments of regional mortgage and consumer finance companies.
In addition to her corporate and consultancy career in real estate investment transactions, she has been an investor in various commercial and multifamily properties in California and Michigan.
Ms. Marotta began her career in 1987 working in the urban mixed-use development group of the Santa Fe and South Pacific Railroad (Santa Fe Pacific Realty). She holds an MBA from the University of San Diego and an MA in international human rights from Columbia University. She is the founder of the non-profit Human Strategies for Human Rights, which she ran from 2001 through 2004, focusing on NGO capacity building, and held consultancy positions at the United Nations in 2000 and 2001. She maintains consultancy offices in Los Angeles and Detroit.
Phone: (213) 625-0908
Mobile: (818) 264-5988